Mangapurua Track

The Mangapurua Track  has been developed by using the existing Ruatiti Road, which was originally formed in the early 1900’s as the access to the Mangapurua Valley for the Returned Servicemen and their families who tried to tame and farm the valley. The track leads to the famous bridge to Nowhere across the Whanganui river.

Ride to the bridge and then catch a Jet boat ride down the Whanganui River with Spirit of the river  jet boat cruises.

Jet Boat Tours On The Whanganui River

Take a Jet Boat tour on the Whanganui river with Spirit of the river. A superb experience taking in the in the history and beauty of the Whanganui river valley. For more information Spirit of the river Jet boat tours.

The Spirit of the river offer a pick up service from the Bridge to Nowhere. Ride to the bridge from the Ruatiti Backpackers and Camping and then enjoy a trip down the river to Pipiriki.